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Related post: Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 17:21:14 +0000 From: Dave Clarke Subject: Remanded to the Custody Part OneDisclaimer: sex hardcore 14 years The following is an original work of fiction that contains graphic depictions of sexual activities and erotic abuse between males. All characters are portrayed as being over 18 years of age, as you should be to read this. If you aren't, or if such material is offensive to you or illegal to read where you are, then stop reading now. All 13 year sex girl rights are reserved by the author. girls porno 14 years Please download for personal use only. This is a work young 12 years porno of fiction. 14 years xxx movies Any resemblance between the characters and real persons 15 year olds sex or places is purely coincidental. REMANDED TO THE CUSTODY By humilus One"The defendant will rise for sentencing," the judge said without looking up from the bench. I rose slowly from the chair at the defendant's table and tried to steady myself. "Drake Michael Green, you have been found guilty of violating United States Code Title porno teens 16 years 7201, Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax; and 7203 naked teens 10 year Willful Failure to File Return, Supply Information, or Pay Tax. This Court hereby 12 years teens fucking sentences you to be remanded to the 14 year teen sex custody of the Bureau of Prisons for a period of ten years to be served consecutively." He looked over his glasses at me and half-smiled. "Your bond is hereby revoked. This Court nude girl 14 year is adjourned." "All rise," the bailiff shouted." My knees buckled and I fell back into my chair. "We'll file an appeal Drake," my attorney whispered in my ear. I turned to her pedo nude picture year and fought back tears. The image of her perfect face blurred as I started to cry. "Stand up." A burley bailiff pulled on the back of my chair. He pulled my left arm behind me and closed the steel cuff around my wrist. He pulled my right arm behind me and locked the other cuff in one motion, like a man who enjoys his work. "Kelly, can I get bond?" I shouted at my attorney as two bailiffs led me to a side door. She opened her cell phone and didn't look up.The 2009 Corrections Reform Act passed both House sex free 16 years of 111th Congress and was signed into law by the President. The hallmark provisions privatized the Federal Corrections System for all but the most violent felons. 19 year old pussy The concept of small regional holding teen 14 years nude facilities, some holding only a handful of inmates was introduced as a method of reducing the massive Bureau of Prisons budget. Private facilities xxx 14 year sex compensated the Bureau of Prisons for each inmate they received. In turn, seventeen years old girls they were authorized to use inmate labor in manufacturing or service industries. In the midst 12 years pussy of the economic depression, there was no outcry or accusation that the Federal 12-16 year oldgirls nude Government had just legalized slavery. In quick 16 years-old virgin pussy order, several states followed the Federal Government's lead and adopted similar programs. I was remanded to the custody of Ignacio James Kirby two days after my sentencing.My cell door 12 years girl naked opened in the early morning. 15 years topless teens I didn't 16 year porno asia know what time it was. "You're being transferred." The guard said. "What about my appeal?" He dropped a set of white coveralls on the floor. "I don't give a shit about your appeal. Put the diaper on and then get dressed in the coveralls. Everyone else in this place is innocent too just like you." He pointed at the pile on the floor. "Mr. Kirby doesn't like to have accidents in his vehicles." The cell door slammed and echoed as I bent down to pick up lollita 14 year old the clothes. I stripped down and years old porn turned the diaper to 17years hot girls see which end was the front. It was too big, but I put it on and then the coveralls. I tits 14 years girls 17 year old porn sat on the thin pad that covered the concrete bed and stared 16 year teen pics at the door for what seemed like teens 15 years xxx an hour. At least I was getting out of solitary confinement.I tried to shield my eyes from the bright sun as they walked me fourteen years old bitches into the yard. My wrists were cuffed to a leather belt around my waist. A tall, very black man in a navy blue suit and chauffer's cap stood at the open rear door 14-16 years girls nude of a Lincoln Town Car. I couldn't see his eyes nude art 13-year-old behind his dark glasses, and then thought teens 14 years funlumpkins better than try to make eye contact. 14-16 years old nudes His and my guard's only communication was a nod. They left me young 10 years porno standing next to the car door and went back into the building. He closed the car door and walked me back to the rear of the car. The leg irons forced me to take tiny steps and I was afraid I would fall. He punched the remote release on his key fob tiny 14 years pussys and the truck opened. He took a nylon strap with a rubber ball 14 years teens naked from his coat pocket and then stepped behind me. I felt a sharp stabbing pain when he punched me in the small of my back. I cried out, but he pulled the ball into my mouth before I made a noise. He secured the strap against children 15 years nude the back of my head and pushed me forward into the truck. I found girls14 year old porn I couldn't swallow with the gag in my mouth and started to slobber. He spread an old towel under my head. The smile on his face as he looked at me and closed the trunk 16 years picture pussy was the only expression I saw him 16 year old girls teens passwodrs -16 years make."My name is Drake Green and what you are doing is nonude 16 years illegal." A tall Germanic looking man stood at the 13years old girlsnude back of the car when the blonde 55 year old chauffer 16 year olds tgp pulled me out and removed the gag. He might have been sixty, upskirt 14 year old or girl 11 years sex seventy years old. I couldn't tell. His close cropped hair was completely gray and he wore a closely trimmed porn 16 year old goatee. But his tanned face was unlined except for tiny crow's feet at his eyes. The chauffer nudist 16 year pulled on my arm, but the man 13 years porn pictures raised his hand. He smiled. "I find it interesting that sexy kids 15 years an incarcerated, twice a convicted felon feels the need to inform me that I am committing an rusia year pedo sex illegal act," he said with a slight accent. "It would have been wise to consider your own actions before the Government 12 years old sex was forced to imprison you." He clasped his hands behind his back and walked slowly around me. "Manelesi, take him to Otto and have him cleaned up and fitted," he said when he was standing in front of me. "Mr. Green, and this is the last time you will hear that name for the next ten years 13 year old upskirts at least... twenty if I can 17years girls sex get your sentence increased for violations of prison 17 years pussy rules during that time. Green is not your name any more. I shall think of an appropriate name sometime soon. He started back to the house but turned. "I'm quite good at giving people names that 14year teen xxx pic match their personalities and 14 year old dick stations in life." He nodded to his chauffer. "Manelesi is the name I gave my chauffer. It means satisfier in Izizulu, the 14 year sex porno language of the Zulu. You'll find soon enough that it fits him like a well tailored suit. Manelesi can neither hear nor speak. But he reads lips quite well." Manelesi walked me into a small building between the garage and the stables. We stepped into an office with a 16 year teen hardcore desk, file cabinets, and several computers. An obese man in khaki trousers and a white dress shirt entered the office from a back room. He looked baby nude 17 years at me and curled his lips in a half sneer. "Ah Manelesi, so this is our new charge." He took gallery porn 5-15 years a pair of hospital shears from the desk and began to cut the jump suit away. First he cut up both sleeves and then he knelt and cut both legs up the inseam. I started to pull my leg until Manelesi squeezed my shoulder. The fat man straightened and smiled when 17 years sex photo he saw the pain in my face. "You will find that Manelesi is 15 years porno fotos quite adept at communicating in his nonverbal way. Did you soil yourself during the toplist 14 year teen trip?" I didn't answer him. "No matter, we'll take off the 15years old sex foto diaper when we shower you. But first," he picked up a large stainless 13 years toplist nude steel metal ring. "This is your 12 years porn gallery uniform, or the better part of it." He held it up close to my face and picked up a small device that looked like a garage door opener. "Did 18 years boys sex you ever have a dog? An unruly dog that was hard to control?" He closed the ring around me leg and stepped back. I felt Manelesi release me and step away just as the bolt of lightning made my schoolgirl 13 year knee buckle and threw me girls porno 12 year to the floor. I screamed and convulsed, releasing my bladder and bowels 18 years girl sexpicture and the same time. They left me on the floor for several minutes and 14 year teen erotic 16 years nude girls then the fat man tightened the collar around my neck with a key wrench. He inserted his finger to test for tightness and then stood. "That should do it for now. Let's get these shackles off so I can get him cleaned up." They removed the cuffs and leg irons and left me wearing only the soiled diaper and collar. "Thank you Manelesi, I can handle him myself now that he has had his first lesson." The chauffer flashed his perfect white teeth and nodded, then left the office."In case you get any ideas, the 16years galleries setting 18 years girls porn I used when showing you your collar was forty-percent," the fat men held up the remote control. "I'm setting to on full from now on." He led me to a 13 year porn concrete 12 years pics nude shower stall and pointed to a plastic trash bag and a liquid soap dispenser on the wall. "The diaper goes into the bag. Tie it tightly. You will shower as often as is necessary, several times a day if necessary. There is 14 years porno japan a syringe and a diverter valve on the shower to clean your anus and lower bowel. I'd suggest you pay particular girls porn 13 years attention to that." I felt a pit in nude 15years girl my stomach and wondered if I'd wake up and end the nightmare. "I'd suggest you make haste," the fat man said. "We've much to do yet." I threw the diaper into the plastic year old nude trash bag and turned on the shower. I lathered up and 13 years desnudas tried to wash myself clean. The hot water beating against my skin was the first good feeling I had experienced in days. I used the liquid soap to shampoo my hair. When I opened my eyes after rinsing, I saw 13 year old amateurs the fat man watching me from the door. "I think you'd rather clean your anus yourself, rather than have me do it," he said. I turned the diverter handle and flowed water 12 year old girls from the chrome nozzle and then inserted in my rectum. I held it in for several seconds and then released the water. Then I repeated. The fat man watched me the entire time. It was the first time since the court room that I felt myself starting to porno 15 years video cry so I turned away from free porno 14years the door. I heard the fat man chuckle when I turned off the water."Dry yourself," he handed me a towel. Then he led me through the office and into another room. He pointed to a barber's chair. "Sit down. You're getting a haircut." He stepped behind me and attached a cable to my collar. "I'll be working close, so I'm going to strap you in for both of our safety." He strapped my arms to 16year old pussy pics the chair and then my legs, and then cinched a leather belt around my waist. I watched locks of my hair cascade down my shoulders and chest as he ran the electric shears close to my scalp. 16years old teens He cut all of it off. "You will be sheared every week. Looks like we can skip your chest and legs. Your genitals will be shaved at least twice a week." He opened a drawer and I heard him removed several metal objects, I could tell by the sound. Then petite 14 years nude I heard the slap of latex sexy 13year old grils gloves on his wrists. "Have you ever had a piercing?" He stood in front of me and held up a large needle. I started to scream. He forced a ball gag into my mouth and secured it to the back of the chair. I was totally immobilized and helpless. I heard him snicker. "I see you are no stranger to all of this eh?" I opened my eyes and saw my penis was fully erect. "That won't last long." He swabbed alcohol on 13 year teens porn my left 16 year porn gallery nipple and clamped it. I felt a sharp burning pain as he inserted the needle. He inserted 14 years naked pictures a ring with a small ball, twisted it tight and then clamped my right nipple. I screamed 15 years old fuck and gnawed on the gag. My saliva dripped down the 14 year old fucking center of my chest. "That's a good way to get infected, you know," he said. I felt his hand on my penis and tried to squirm. He held up the remote control. I froze. I closed my eyes as he inserted a metal tube into my urethra, and fought the urge to scream as he pressed a ten gauge needle through the head of my penis. He inserted sweet nude 16 year a stainless steel ring and closed the ball. The he wiped all three sites with disinfectant. 12 years girl porno
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